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Wall Jump


Let’s challenge how high you can jump up across the walls!Enjoy jumping action with simple ONE-TAP control. Thanks to everyone, Wall Jump has surpassed 1,500,000 downloads to date!
[ How to play ]- Press JUMP to jump the walls (Touching on walls and other supporting objects enables you to jump to opposite direction)- In midst of jumping, you can jump again (Double-Jump)- You can hang onto walls for short while- Game is over if you hit the obstacles or fall
[ Game Mode ]- Normal ModeIt’s a challenge to jump up as HIGH as possible
- Hard ModeIt’s a challenge to jump up as HIGH as possible - in harder level!* Completing 500m in Normal Mode will unlock this mode.
- 100m Time Attack ModeIt’s a challenge to jump as FAST as possible.Try this once you can jump up higher than 100m!
[ Game tips ]Game a little tough to play? Read on for tips!- I want to jump FAR!Try Double-Jumping around mid-area between the walls!
- I want to jump HIGH!Try Double-Jumping around the peak of your first jump!
- I hit the obstacles too often!When you are holding onto walls, some obstacles are bound to be hit. So take note of where they are in advance; and jump as you foresee where you are going to hold onto.